Shingo Wakagi photograph
Things and seen

若木信吾 Shingo Wakagi

旅先で「撮影する」という行為にもいろいろあるだろう、未知なるものとの出会い、抑え難く惹きつけられる物、 あとになってみると撮影したことさえ忘れている事もあるかもしれない。しかし、日常から外れた時間のなかでの撮影は、目の前を過ぎていく事物と自分との間に(それが一瞬であっても)重なりを持とうとする行為な のではないかと思う。たとえそこに自身の姿が映っていなくても、いや映っていないからこそ、「Things and seen」には物に照射された、彼自身が見えてくる。

There may be more than one way of photographing while traveling. Encountering something unknown and something uncontrollably attracted to. Might have even forgotten you had taken a photograph of it. However, photographing outside of our daily life is an action trying to overlap, even if for a moment, between you and the ‘item’ passing by in front of you. In things & seen,’ even if one is not in the photo or better yet, because one is not in the photo, you are able to see the man himself is thrown light on by the items. Chinatsu Shimizu (independent curator)

1971年3月26日静岡県浜松市生まれ、ニューヨーク州ロチェスター工科大学写真学科卒業、雑誌・広告 など幅広い分野で活動中。帰国後、親友や祖父を捉えた「英ちゃん 弘ちゃん」「葬送」など、数多くの写真集を 出版する。また、これまで映画「星影のワルツ」「トーテム~song for home~」「白河夜船」を監督・撮影し、 国際的にも高い評価を得る。2010年から故郷の浜松市に書店「BOOKS AND PRINTS」のオーナーとして、 写真集を中心に販売をしている。

Shingo Wakagi (1971-) is born and raised in Hamamatsu City in Japan, Wakagi studied at Rochester Institute of Technology’s School of Photographic Arts and Sciences. After returning to Japan in 1996, he has released a number of monographs that often focused on his family and friends in his hometown, including Eiji and Hiro (2015) and The Funeral of Takuji Wakagi (2007). Wakagi is also an acclaimed filmmaker. His debut film Waltz in Starlight (2007) was nominated for the Tiger Award at International Film Festival Rotterdam. His other films are Asleep (2015) and TOTEM Song for Home (2009). Wakagi opened a small bookshop BOOKS AND PRINTS (2010-) in his hometown Hamamatsu City. Bookshop sells collections of domestic and foreign photo books.
Photographer/Film Director/Book Shop Owner