David Bowie

There’s a starman waiting in the sky. He’d like to come and meet us.
But he thinks he’d blow our minds. There’s a starman waiting in the sky.
He’s told us not to blow it. Cause he knows it’s all worthwhile.
He told me . Let the children lose it.
Let the children use it. Let all the children boogie.


Do You Have A Fucking Dream?
Do you fucking want to be a fucking slave to the fucking system for the fucking rest of your fucking life?
If your fucking answer is fucking “YES” then you’re really fucked up man. I don’t fucking know what to fucking say.
If “WELL I GOT NO FUCKING CHOICE” is your fucking answer, then I guess you’re a fucking loser.
If your fucking answer is “FUCK NO” but you still can’t fucking figure out what to fucking do with your fucking life, you’re fucking doing good man. You’re doing good.
For fucking those of you who said “FUCK NO” here are the fucking questions you can fucking ask yourself.
What do I fucking naturally do well?
What am I fucking good at?
What fucking activities do I fucking enjoy?
What fucking activities do I think or believe I would fucking enjoy?
What do I fucking enjoy doing in my fucking spare fucking time?
Do I enjoy my fucking career and fucking work life?
What do I fucking feel passionate about?
What do fucking people ask for my fucking help and/or fucking advice with?
If fucking money was no fucking concern, what fucking daydream or fucking fantasy would I be fucking fulfilling right fucking now?
What are the most fucking important ‘life lessons’ I’ ve fucking learned so far?
What fucking things do I want to be fucking remembered for at the end of my fucking life?
What do I believe are my greatest fucking achievements so far in my fucking life?
What fucking matters to me fucking most?
If you can fucking answer all these fucking questions, what’s fucking stopping you?