URBAN RESEARCH COLUMN Look Book Cook Records No.77


このモノクロ作品は、岸さん(Yuma Kishi)が、音楽の聞こえるアート雑誌・フリーダム・ディクショナリー・デ ビッド・バーン特集に参加し、同時にミックス・クラウドの選曲番組「PirateRadio」の選曲に初挑戦し、結果、時間切れで選曲を諦め、その理由及び代替えとして制作したアート作品です。
This monochrome art piece is produced by Yuma Kishi in place of selecting songs for a radio program on Mix Cloud, “Pirate Radio”. Mr. Kishi took the challenge, but he run out of time and decided to produce an art piece instead for the last issue of “freedom dictionary”, which featured David Byrne. The theme of the magazine is “a magazine from which music is heard’.

岸さんはこう言います。今回制作したグラフィックは、デビッドバーンの音をリミックスしようと悪戦苦闘してい るAI(コンピュータ)と、その前でしどろもどろしている僕自身(女性)を表現してみました。
Mr. Kishi said, “through this graphic, I tried to express Al struggling to remix the sounds of David Byrne, and myself (as a female) sitting in front of it awkwardly.”

画像 Yuma Kishi

I wonder what he meant by “struggling” in “remixing”, which l assume everyone enjoys freely.

What is remixing?”Abstract painting framed in time” Moichi Kuwahara©

As remixing has no restriction other than time, struggling may be essential in order to draw truly freely.

Referenced from Kishi’s website;

AIを人を模徴するものではなく,異次元のエイリアンの知性として捉え、その知性を自らの身体にインストール・依代として貸し出すことで、デジタルな知性とアナログな身体を常に 並列関係に配置した制作を行う。
He considers Al not as something that imitates people, but as an alien intelligence from another dimension, and by installing this intelligence in his own body and lending it as a substitute, he creates works in which the digital intelligence and the analog body are always placed in a parallel relationship.

制作の中にはしばしば過去の美術史のモチーフが借用され、それが歪な形でテクノロジーと接合されることで、作品空間に介入した鑑賞者は今ここに存在する自己や世界に対する 意識が、一瞬脱白するような感覚を想起する.
In his works, he often borrows motifs from past art history, which are distortedly combined with technology to evoke a sense of momentary dislocation in the viewer’s awareness of the self and the world that exists in the here and now.

Let’s get back to the subject.

で、現代美術の作家という定義を、「世界的な同時性の意識」という意味だけに限れば、レベルやラベルこそ違えども、今日を生きる私も あなたも共にそこにある思います。
If the definition of contemporary artist is narrowed down to the ones having simultaneous consciousness in the global scale”, it can be applied to anyone who lives today, including you and me.

Hence, “contemporary art” exists on a completely different level from just entertaining someone like me or being played with. I am fully aware of that, but will keep playing with it.

Moichi Kuwahara


Look Book Cook Records No.77

訳:稲村香菜 translation:Kana Inamura