EDITOR’S NOTE freedom dictionary issue 203

He lives happily enough in the world, but ready at any time to quit it without being in the least disturbed by the thought of death. It is not for nothing that the Samurai have chosen for their truest symbol the fragile cherry blossom. Like the petal dropping in the morning sunlight and floating serenely to earth, so must the fearless detach himself from life, silent and inwardly unmoved.
“Zen in the Art of Archery”, Eugen Herrigel
Now, I am in trouble.
“Those who travel a hundred miles regard ninety-nine miles as half”.
This Japanese proverb, I assume, is told to teach “stay focused especially at the last minute to the end”. But I’ve gotten an arbitrary lesson from it that those who want to live up to one-hundred year old regard ninety year old as half. Therefore, I have decided to stay as young as half of my age at heart.
I am not sure if I can get prepared to detach from life like the petal of cherry blossom. That would require as serious dedication as becoming a monk. I am not unwilling to shave my head. Yet it demands more than that: wake up at three o’clock in the morning and do physical labor such as cleaning all over the temple in every hole and corner for three years. Obviously, I am not up to it.
It occur to me since I’ve given an incurable disease, rheumatoid arthritis, because of vaccination. I got a step closer to death. On the other hand, it gave me a purpose in my life.
My purpose -> drop like a petal of cherry blossom
I am going to continue “freedom dictionary”.
Moichi Kuwahara

Photo: Moichi Kuwahara / Translation : Kana Inamura / Design : Yuta Nakajima (Enlightenment)