RHYME moved to Japan in 2017 soon after she met Shinichi Osawa – the pair quickly formed a close collaboration and began writing together as RHYME SO. Their two cultures collide harmoniously as their distinctively rich musical abilities create exciting, relatable bops. RHYME SO’s music was picked up by Japanese/Australian artist JOJI and the duo’s debut single dance hit “Just Used Music Again” was released on 88 Rising’ s 2019 album Head In The Clouds II, which gained accolades from Hypebeast, Highsnobiety, Billboard, Complex, Mixmag, The Line Of Best Fit, and more Then, released in March 2020, the single “Fashion Blogger” cynically and uniquely mirrors modern society’s addiction to the internet. The music video is set in a figure skating competition (#AFBgrandprix) and features MILK (RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6/All Star Season 3), a world-renowned drag queen and former figure skater. The epic and avant-garde music video, which features MILK and RHYME skating on ice, has been featured in many media outlets and has been viewed more than 2.7 million times on YouTube. The video was awarded “Best Music Award “and “Best Actress/Model Award” of the London Fashion Film Festival and in the “Best Music Video” category of the Berlin Commercial festival.
RHYME SO brings a refreshing sound and style that they ve created on their own terms. Blending their infectious pop hooks, tongue twisters, and witty lyrics while pioneering a new era ofsound – which they call “Blank Post Genre” – the duo are set to hit the ground running with more new music to come soon.

“For our edition of FREEDOM DICTIONARY, we wanted to create a spin off story of Fashion Blogger’ set in the future or paradigm. Where these influencers are literally dolls in a board game. I think at some point this game exists now, and our naive robot selfs enjoy to play along in this factory turnover. Thank you NDA Paris and the team there who created this unique story with us!”

RHYME と大沢伸一は2017年に日本で出会う。2人はすぐに緊密なコラボレーションを形成し、RHYMESO として一緒に曲を作り始める。彼らの2つの文化が調和し、彼らの独特で豊かな音楽的能力が刺激的な音楽 を生み出す。デビューシングル「JustUsed Music Again」は日本/オーストラリアのアーティストJOJIによっ てピックアップされ、2019 年に88Rising のコンピレーションアルバム「HeadIn The Cloudsll」に収録。 Hypebeast、Highsnobiety、Billboard、Complex、Mixmag. The Line Of BestFiなどで称賛された。 現代社会のインターネットへの依存を独自の感覚でシニカルに表現したシングル「FashionBlogger」を 2020年3月にリリース。世界的に有名なドラッグクイーンで元フィギュアスケーターの MILK(ルポールの ドラァグレースシーズン 6/オールスターシーズン3) をフィーチャーした壮大で前衛的なミュージックビ デオは、YouTubeで270万回以上視聴され、London Fashion Film Festival の”Best Music Award”と”Best Actress/Model Award、および Berlin Commercial festival の”Best Music Video” を受賞した。

「FREEDOM DICTIONARY」に素晴らしい機会を頂いて「FASHION BLOGGER」のスピンオフストーリーを作 成しました。世に反乱するインフルエンサーがボードゲーム上で文字通り人形として存在し、この珍妙なゲー ムを我らがナイーヴなロボットがひとりで遊んでいます。ある意味でこれはもうすでに現実なのかもしれま せん。 NDA Paris とこのユニークなストーリーを作成してくれたチームに感謝します。」